What Is Tennis Gaming? How to Play Tennis Ball Games Easy to Win

How to play tennis ball betting Surely the winnings compiled from the experience of veteran players will help you make money quickly. Although tennis is not as hot as football, it still attracts a large number of players to bet. Together NEW88 Discover winning tips when playing tennis betting.

What is tennis betting?

This is an interesting form of entertainment also known as tennis sports betting. Thereby, you will follow the match and predict the results based on the odds table given by the house. In general, the way to play tennis ball betting is quite similar to football.

Currently, most online playgrounds offer this type of betting. Because the competition rules are strict and fair, there is no need to worry about cheating or match-fixing. Moreover, the accurate prediction rate is quite high, easier to play than football, so tennis betting is also very popular.

What bets are included in tennis ball betting?

A tennis odds table will be divided into many different categories for you to freely choose from, specifically:

Open odds

Open bets, also known as bets predicting the final result, are one of the simplest and most popular forms of betting in this subject. Players will participate in predicting which individual tennis player or team will win in the end when the match ends.


Handicap is an interesting way to play tennis ball betting, requiring you to have sophistication, know how to observe and evaluate the real situation of both sides. In fact, this type of bet is quite similar to football, volleyball,… that is, the strong team (upper odds) will handicap the weak team (lower odds). However, in tennis, the first game will be handicapped and based on the final result of the match to determine victory or defeat.

Over/under bets for the whole match

The way to play tennis ball betting on over/under for the whole match is to calculate whether the final score is greater or less than the number given by the house. Specifically, if you predict that the total number of points scored by both teams in the whole match is greater, bet on over, otherwise bet on under if it is smaller. With this form, players do not need to care about which side wins but only pay attention to how many points are scored.

Odd even odds

Even odds are similar to betting on over/under tennis balls, you don’t need to worry about which side wins. You will predict whether the total number of points scored by the two teams will be even or odd to place your bet.

Bet on which side wins the first game

With this type of bet, you will predict which player or team will win the first game. This form has a special point, if the winning side of the first game gives up playing after the end of game 1, it is still considered valid. If you do not finish game 1 and miss the competition, all bets will be canceled and a refund will be given to the participant.

Basic tennis betting rules

As introduced above, playing tennis ball betting is not too difficult, you just need to clearly understand the house rules to be able to start participating in betting on predicting the results. The rules of the game are as follows:

  • A tennis match takes place in 3 to 5 sets, divided into 2 teams. These two teams can be individual singles matches, meaning 2 people compete against each other, or team matches consisting of 4 participants, 2 players on each side.
  • The match takes place in 3 sets, the team that wins the first 2 sets will be considered the overall winner. As for the 5-set format, the side that wins the first 3 sets will win.
  • In tennis ball betting, a standard set has 6 games, whichever side wins 6 games first and is 2 games apart from the opponent wins.
  • If a match is canceled, the bets on that match will also be canceled, at which point the money placed will be refunded to the player.
  • All bets placed on that match will be void if the match time is increased or decreased to determine the winner or loser.


Calculate tennis betting odds

One of the things you need to know to choose a winning way to bet on tennis balls is to calculate the odds. Because the scoring rules of tennis will be different from other games, it can make many people feel confused.

Tennis betting odds will be calculated according to the 15, 30, 40 mark. After serving, the side that wins the first game will score 15 – 0. If they win the second game, the score will be 30 – 0, and the other side will score 15 – 0. If the player wins, the balance is 15 – 15.

Instructions on how to play tennis ball betting in the easiest way to understand

To participate in betting money to predict the outcome of a tennis match, follow the instructions as follows:

  • Step 1: Choose a reputable online address that offers tennis sports betting. Register/Log in to your account on the house system.
  • Step 2: Find the sports game lobby and select Tennis.
  • Step 3: Observe the odds table, choose a match. After that, choose one of the bet types available on the table, then adjust the bet amount.
  • Step 4: Watch the match and wait for the system to notify the results and pay the winner.

Some ways to play tennis ball betting always win

Normally, when participating in any prediction or betting game, you will have the opinion that depending on luck factors to win. However, this is not a smart solution to help you make a lot of money from this subject. Here are some tips to increase your win rate when playing tennis betting:

Learn how to bet

One of the only winning ways to bet on tennis balls is to learn betting. This is a method used by many experienced experts and is very effective. Through betting, you will have an overview and accurately predict the final result. There are many identifying signs for you to base your assessment and analysis on, such as:

  • Performance of both sides: This is an important factor that greatly affects the result of the match. Players will find out if the tennis player has been playing stably recently, who has the advantage in serving and serving, after the end of the first set, will the first set be impaired, etc.
  • Competitive achievements: Through achievements and previous history, one can evaluate which side’s strength is stronger.

In short, odds are an extremely effective way to play tennis ball betting that almost every bettor uses. In addition to the above information, you can also learn more about the playing field, whether the two sides give up in the middle of the game or not, etc. to choose a more standard bet.

Do not choose bets with high odds

Odds with high odds often have great appeal to players. However, this is not a safe, easy-to-win way to bet on tennis balls. Because the higher the payout ratio, the lower the probability of winning. Most of the time, these bets are usually bait bets that lure you into the trap. Therefore, please check the odds, evaluate carefully, choose safe bets with money for long-term experience.

Above is a summary of ways to always win when betting on tennis balls that many people are looking for. New88 Hopefully through the shared article, you will have more experience choosing bets and making money quickly when participating in this attractive type of betting.


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