79 Score Login Process 2023 : Step-By-Step Guide

This article provides a step-by-step guide on the login process for the 79 score system in the year 2023. It covers everything from creating an account to troubleshooting login issues. If you need help accessing your account on the 79 score platform, this article is a must-read.

However, before you can access all the valuable resources available on the 79 Score website, you need to create an account and log in. This guide will walk you through the entire process of 79 Score login so that you can get started with your test preparation journey without any hassle.

Step 1: Visit the 79 Score website

To access the website, open your preferred web browser and type in the URL ““. Hit the enter button and wait for the page to load.

Step 2: Click on the “login” button

Once the homepage appears, locate the “login” button on the top right corner of your screen. Click on it, and you will be redirected to the login page.

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Step 3: Enter your login credentials

On the login page, you will see two text fields labeled “Email or Phone” and “Password.” Enter the email or phone number associated with your 79 Score account and your password. Double-check for accuracy and click on the “login” button below.

Step 4: Access your account dashboard

If the login credentials you provided are correct, you should be redirected to your 79 Score account dashboard. From there, you can access all the study materials, practice tests, and performance tracking features available to you.

Tips for Successful 79 Score Login

· Ensure that you have a stable internet connection and a supported web browser to avoid login errors.

· Double-check your login credentials to ensure that all information is accurate.

· In case you forget your password, use the “forgot password” option available on the login page to reset it.

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My Personal Experience with 79 Score

As a non-native speaker of English, I found it challenging to prepare for IELTS on my own. However, since I discovered the 79 Score website, my test preparation journey has been much smoother. The study materials available on the platform are comprehensive and cover all the essential concepts and topics tested in the IELTS exam. The practice tests are also simulated to mimic the real test conditions, so I felt adequately prepared for my exam. The performance tracking feature helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, which allowed me to focus on areas that needed improvement. Overall, I highly recommend the 79 Score website to anyone preparing for an English language proficiency test.


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