Knights of Sidonia Season 2 Review

If you are a fan of science fiction anime, you may have already watched the first season of “Knights of Sidonia.” This anime, set in a post-apocalyptic future where humanity lives aboard a massive spaceship, has been praised for its unique story, characters, and animation. The question on everyone’s mind, though, is whether the second season lives up to the expectations set by the first. In this article, we will review “Knights of Sidonia” Season 2 and give you our thoughts on the series.


Knights of Sidonia” Season 2 picks up where the first season left off, following the adventures of Nagate Tanikaze and his fellow pilots as they fight against the alien Gauna. The season is made up of 12 episodes and continues to explore the themes of love, sacrifice, and what it means to be human.

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The second season of “Knights of Sidonia” delves deeper into the mysteries of the Gauna and the history of the Sidonia. We learn more about the enigmatic Hoshijiro, who plays a crucial role in the story. The season also introduces new characters, such as the Gauna-human hybrid Tsumugi, who adds a new dynamic to the story.

One of the strengths of “Knights of Sidonia” Season 2 is its ability to balance action with character development. While there are plenty of thrilling space battles, the show also takes the time to explore the relationships between the characters. Nagate’s relationship with Hoshijiro and Tsumugi, in particular, is well-developed and adds emotional depth to the series.


The animation in “Knights of Sidonia” Season 2 is as stunning as ever. The use of 3D animation gives the show a unique look that sets it apart from other anime. The space battles are especially impressive, with detailed ships and explosive special effects. The show also makes excellent use of lighting and color to set the mood and create a sense of atmosphere.


The soundtrack for “Knights of Sidonia” Season 2 is a step up from the already impressive music of the first season. The opening theme, “Sidonia” by Angela, is catchy and sets the tone for the show. The background music is also well-done, adding tension and emotion to the scenes.

In conclusion, “Knights of Sidonia” Season 2 is a worthy successor to the first season. The story is engaging and the characters continue to be well-developed. The animation and soundtrack are also top-notch. If you enjoyed the first season, you will not be disappointed by the second.

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  1. When was “Knights of Sidonia” Season 2 released? “Knights of Sidonia” Season 2 was released on April 10, 2015.
  2. How many episodes are in “Knights of Sidonia” Season 2? There are 12 episodes in “Knights of Sidonia” Season 2.
  3. Is “Knights of Sidonia” Season 2 available on Netflix? Yes, “Knights of Sidonia” Season 2 is available on Netflix.
  4. Will there be a third season of “Knights of Sidonia”? There has been no official announcement about a third season of “Knights of Sidonia.”
  5. Is “Knights of Sidonia” Season 2 worth watching? If you enjoyed the first season, then “Knights of Sidonia” Season 2 is definitely worth watching.


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