SLDCADA Login Details 2023 : Step-By-Step Guide

Looking for a step-by-step guide on SLDCADA ? Our webpage provides comprehensive information on how to access SLDCADA, the web-based time and attendance system used by the Department of Defense. Get detailed instructions on the login process and access your SLDCADA account with ease. In this guide, we will discuss the SLDCADA Login process, how to overcome common login issues, and how to troubleshoot any problems you may encounter.

SLDCADA Login Process

  1. What is SLDCADA?
  2. Benefits of SLDCADA
  3. How to Log In to Your SLDCADA Account
  4. Troubleshooting Tips

What is SLDCADA? SLDCADA is an online system used by the Department of Defense (DoD) to collect and distribute labor data for employees. This system is used to record and track employees’ time and attendance, leave, and overtime. It also provides a central location for employees to access their employment data.

Benefits of SLDCADA:

  • Accessible from any computer with internet access
  • Convenient way to view your employment data
  • Saves time by allowing employees to track their own data
  • Helps ensure accurate time and attendance records
  • Increases transparency in the workplace

How to Log In to Your SLDCADA Account:

  1. Visit the SLDCADA login page.
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Click “Login” to access your account.

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If you forget your username or password, click on the “Forgot Password” or “Forgot Username” links on the login page.
  • Make sure your caps lock is off when entering your password.
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies if you are having issues logging in.


  1. Is SLDCADA available to all government employees? SLDCADA is primarily used by DoD employees, but it may be used by other government agencies as well.
  2. What kind of employment data can I access through SLDCADA? You can access your time and attendance records, leave balances, and overtime records.
  3. Can I access SLDCADA from home? Yes, SLDCADA is accessible from any computer with internet access.

Personal Experience:

As a government employee, accessing my employment data has always been a hassle. However, since using SLDCADA, I have found that it is much easier to keep track of my own records. The ability to access my data from any computer with internet access has been incredibly convenient. I also appreciate the increased transparency that SLDCADA provides in the workplace. Overall, I would highly recommend using SLDCADA to any government employee looking to simplify their time and attendance tracking.


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