The Best 5 PDF Summarizers Review in 2024

 Whether you are a student studying for finals or a manager working on a complex project, you may find yourself having to deal with complex PDFs. If finding the time to read through all the data on the document is proving difficult, it may be time to consider a PDF summarizer. The most effective of these tools will take a PDF with hundreds of pages and condense it into a simple document with only a few pages. A select few of these summarizers will do that without eliminating any important information. 

This article will examine some of the best PDF summarizer of 2024, giving you the most comprehensive way to choose the best summarizer for your needs.

The Best 5 PDF Summarizers Recommended

The following are 5 of the best PDF summarizers in the market today along with their strengths and weaknesses;

  • Afirstsoft PDF Editor 

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Afirstsoft PDF Editor is one of the most powerful PDF summarizers in the market because it leverages the best AI algorithms to ensure that the summary is accurate and complete. It easily summarizes the largest of PDF documents in a matter of minutes and with a level of accuracy that is unmatched by any other tool in the market.

It also gives users the additional flexibility to customize the summary by choosing highlight keywords and phrases to ensure they get only the information that they need. It also supports numerous languages so you can summarize a document in any language of your choice. 


  • A simple user interface makes the process quick and easy
  • It supports multiple languages
  • The summarizer integrates seamlessly with the PDF editor to allow you to edit your PDF summary if the need arises
  • It is a safe and secure solution, ideal for summarizing documents with sensitive information. 


  • It is a desktop tool that you have to install in your computer to use.


SummarizeBot also uses AI and therefore generates highly accurate summaries that you can rely on. It is also quite easy to use and although it lacks some of the PDF editing tools you’ll find on Afirstsoft, it very easily integrates with other tools so you can export and edit your summary more readily. 


  • You can connect it to various chat tools and email providers for easily sharing 
  • Its summaries are accurate
  • It is a simple, easy-to-use program. 


  • The free version restricts the number of pages that you can summarize per day
  • It doesn’t have additional PDF management tools 


SMMRY is an online tool that can be used to summarize anything from a webpage to a PDF document. Easily accessible on any browser, SMMRY is free and easy to use, all you have to do is upload the file or provide a URL for the content you want to summarize and hit the “Summarize” button. 


  • It is free to use
  • You can open SMMRY on any browser
  • It will summarize webpages as well as PDF documents 


  • There aren’t very many customization options
  • The accuracy of the summary is questionable at best 


Scholarcy is a summary tool that is designed with the student in mind. Like most other tools on this list, it will take complex texts and condense them into shorter, easier-to-read pages. This tool does however allow the user to customize the summary into different modes including compact, expanded, synopsis, highlight, and flash cards. It is quick and highly accurate. 


  • The summarized texts can be exported in various formats including Word and Excel
  • It has a Chrome Extension for easy access
  • It provides customizable summarization options


  • It cannot summarize paywalled PDFs
  • It doesn’t support batch processing

SmallPDF AI Summarizer 

The popular online PDF tool SmallPDF has also introduced an AI-powered summarizer. This new tool is accessible online and it is free to use. It is also an accurate summarizer that can summarize even the most complex documents in just a few minutes. It is easy to use, all you have to do is upload the PDF you’d like to summarize and SmallPDF will do the rest. 


  • It is free to use and accessible on any browser
  • The summarization process is quick
  • It comes with additional AI features such as AI chat 


  • It may not be an ideal choice for documents with sensitive information 
  • The free version limits the number of summaries 

Benefits and advantages to Summarize PDF  with Afirstsoft PDF Editor 

 Accuracy: Compared with rule-based summarization tools, Afirstsoft PDF Editor can bring more accurate summaries.

Efficiency: Afirstsoft PDF Editor allows you to quickly summarize PDFs anytime, anywhere.

Better understanding of context: Afirstsoft PDF Editor can grasp the context of PDFs better than simple tools, resulting in more relevant summaries.


PDF summarizers like the ones above are increasingly becoming popular as more people require large amounts of information to function in their workplaces at school but don’t have the time to read hundreds of pages of data. When they summarize content accurately these tools can increase productivity without causing a burnout. 

If you find that you need a summarizer that is both fast and reliable, Afirstsoft PDF Editor presents the only option. Its AI algorithm ensures an accurate summary and its simple user interface coupled with additional PDF editing features make it the most ideal tool for productivity.


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