Dragon Tiger I9BET – All the way to play for beginners

Dragon Tiger I9BET It is one of the most popular online casino games today. The simple gameplay is one of the reasons why this game is so popular like like so. To learn more about dragons and tigers, let’s find out in the article below!

Dragon Tiger I9BET – All the way to play for beginners

What is I9BET Tiger Dragon?

The English name of this game is Dragon and Tiger. The origin of this game is from the land of pagodas – Cambodia. Thanks to the attractiveness and attraction, the tiger dragon has been put into the system by online book makers belong to themselves and became the trump card, including the i9bet brand.

When experiencingr Tiger I9BET, you see its attraction and attraction. The gameplay of the game is considered to be quite simple, making the tiger dragon even more popular in the betting world. The payout ratio of the game at the house is higher than that of many other games, so you only need to win one bet and you can x2 your account.

Collection of bet types at dragon tiger I9BET

Before participating in any game, not onlyrTiger I9BETYou also need to learn the rules of the game very well to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Here are the rules of the game of dragons and tigers at the I9BET bookie:

Draw bets

When a player chooses to bet on a tie and wins, the house will pay you the odds of 1 to 8. That is, the house will receive the remaining 32.77% of your share. With this ratio, both the dealer and the player benefit.

Bet grand,bet pee

With this rule, you have the right to bet on dragons or tigers. Big bet wins if the card is greater than 7 andbet pee insidetheotherwise. If the card drawn is 7 then even if youbet Big or small, it will still be counted as a loss. In this type, the house will enjoy a winning share of 7.69%.

Quality bets

With this bet, you will have the right to bet on the suit of the drawn card. The payout ratio of this form will be 1:3 because in the deck there are only 4 suits: muscle, checkered, shrimp, spade. This type of bet includesbet grand,bet in it, so if the case of drawing a 7 tree, the house will receive an additional winning rate.

Screenshot 2

Dragon Tiger I9BET bet

I9BET Dragon Tiger Scoring Method

The special feature of the Dragon Tiger game is that, if other card games use 52 cards in the same deck, with this game, each game will be mixed 6 – 8 decks together, and the scoring is done. as follows:

  • Cards with numbers will be scored equal to the value printed on the face. For example: Card 3 will be counted as 3 points, card 4 is 4 points,…
  • A is the card with the lowest score, counted as 1.
  • J and Q have equivalent scores of 11 and 12.
  • K is the card with the highest score – 13.

The secret to playing Dragon Tiger I9BET of masters

In order to play rồng hổ i9bet bookie in the best way, you should at least know the following playing tips:

Focus 100% on observing when the dealer deals cards

Observe! This is a must-have condition to help you increase your win rate in this game. Often when entering the game, we will often have a hasty mentality, only focusing on choosing the bet door and forgetting to observe the dealer dealing the cards. You need to see the situation to know how to analyze and make the right decision.

Reasonable bet

One of the valuable experiences that experienced players in the profession share: Do not bet on a tie. Why? That’s because, according to statistical research of some gambling sites, the rate of games that happen to be a tie is very rare. Therefore, you need to implement the method of lining up the money evenly divided among the doors, not just believe in only one option. It’s very dangerous!

Why should you choose Dragon Tiger I9BET to participate?

To answer this question, you need to look at the whole process of building and developing the house I9BET. There have been ups and downs, but until now, the controversy still holds its position in the hearts of players.

Screenshot 4

Choose Dragon Tiger I9BET

That is the prestige and quality that I9BET brings to all of its customers. That is also the reason why you should choose the house to participate in the Dragon Tiger game experience.


Here is everything we share about Dragon Tiger I9BETto newbies in particular and all brothers in the betting village in general. Hopefully with the information provided in this article, you will have more useful and applicable information for yourself in your betting journey.


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