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The way to calculate over-under penalty bets in soccer is no different from regular over-under bets. However, due to the specifics of scoring from penalties, there are some specific conditions and rules that need to be considered. Let’s New88 Bookmaker Find out details in the article below!

What are the rules for calculating Over/Under Penalty bets?

To make smart betting decisions, you need to master the rules and regulations of over/under penalty bets set by each bookmaker – online soccer betting site.

Basically, over/under penalty betting rules can be applied in two different situations:

What are the rules for calculating Over/Under Penalty bets?

  • During the match: A free kick comes from an opposing player committing a foul against a player on his own team.
  • After the match: Penalty shootout to determine the winner or loser in the play-offs, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals.

Among them, post-match penalty shootout betting is the most popular at online bookmakers. For regular matches, there are not many penalties, so this bet is rarely opened. The player will predict the exact total number of penalties taken during the shootout. The house will give a certain index and from there the player will decide to bet Over or Under based on that index.

Depending on the progress of each match, the house will provide different odds for players to choose from.

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Penalty over/under betting characteristics

Over/under penalty bets in soccer have specific characteristics that players need to master to increase their chances of winning when participating in betting. Before knowing how to calculate Penalty over/under odds, players need to pay attention to:

Conditions of recognition

The first thing to note is the conditions for recognizing goals from penalties:

  • Penalty Shot: All shots in this type of bet must be taken from the 11 meter penalty spot.
  • Nature of Penalty: Penalty kicks in football are often decisive in winning or losing, especially in important matches.
  • Penalty shootout: This occurs after the match has finished regular time and both extra periods, but the winner has not yet been determined.

Penalty betting not only gives players a feeling of excitement and suspense in predicting the result, but also creates emotions similar to when they witness the tense moments that decide the outcome of the match from the players. player.

Penalty over/under betting characteristics

Although the over/under penalty betting rules may have certain differences between bookmakers, these differences are usually not large. It is important that players clearly understand the nature of this type of bet to be able to make the correct betting decision.


Regarding the payout ratio, each bookmaker may have a different way of calculating it, but what is certain is that the payout ratio for this bet is often very high due to the difficulty in accurately predicting the result. Therefore, when the prediction is correct, the reward you receive will be worthy of your efforts and analytical skills. It is also for this reason that the need to find information on how to calculate Over/Under Penalty odds of bookmakers is always of interest to bettors!

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The most accurate way to calculate Penalty over/under bets

Calculating penalty kicks is an issue that attracts the attention of many soccer bettors. In reality, not every match has this type of bet. According to the rules of bookmaker New88, players will have to predict the number of goals that a team will successfully score based on the odds proposed by the bookmaker.

This calculation is not too complicated and quite easy to understand, even for those who are new to soccer betting. For example, if the dealer sets the number as 4, the player will decide to bet on the over (over 4 goals) or under (under 4 goals). If the total number of goals is over 4, then Over wins. Conversely, if the total number of goals is less than 4, the under wins. In case the total number of goals is exactly 4, the result will be considered a draw.

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The most accurate way to calculate Penalty over/under bets

Experience from experts on how to calculate Penalty over/under odds

Predicting the results of penalties in soccer is not a simple task and requires considering many factors. There are many things that need to be calculated, from player skills, age, to each team’s history of taking penalties. Therefore, betting on over/under in penalty situations requires careful consideration.

  • Evaluation based on shooting skills: Some teams have good penalty shooting records like Croatia or Morocco, while some other teams often fail like France, Spain, England.
  • Carefully consider the team situation: Strong teams do not always win in penalty situations. Sometimes, teams with few superstar players but with a strong mentality and good endurance perform more successfully.
  • Player age: Young players can feel a lot of pressure when taking penalties, especially in major tournaments, which can affect their ability to succeed.
  • Goalkeeper experience: Some goalkeepers have a very high ability to block penalties, like Bounou or Emiliano Martinez, who can change the outcome of the match.
  • Understand the bet: Before placing a bet, make sure you clearly understand the type of over/under bet you are playing, for example over/under 7 balls, 3 balls, to have the most accurate prediction.

Experience from experts on how to calculate Penalty over/under odds


The method of calculating over/under penalties is not too complicated, but making accurate betting decisions requires research and prediction skills. Therefore, learning from veteran players is extremely important to be successful in this betting field. Hopefully the above sharing from New100 Bookmaker will be somewhat useful to fellow bettors.


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