What is an octopus breeding lot? The most standard methods of raising octopus

What is an octopus breeding lot? but there are so many players interested. In fact, this is a very popular form of lottery betting and is known to many lottery players. The reward for the winner is often very high because you only focus on one number. If this is your first time learning about the lottery, please take a look at this article with New88.

What is an octopus breeding lot?

Bach Thu Lottery is a Nom word that appeared in the North of our country in 1962. They originated from the Thu Do lottery company, then were spread by word of mouth and popularized nationwide. According to research, the lottery only appears in the lottery world and is not defined in textbooks.

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Lottery experts define the lottery as a way to play in lottery betting. There, players only play one lottery number. You can raise this lottery number for many days to increase your chances of winning. If you win the lottery, the player will earn a lot of money because the odds offered by the house are quite high.

However, winning the lottery is not easy. The probability of winning the lottery is less than 10%, so players need to apply a lot of experience and prediction techniques. In addition, members must also be knowledgeable about white lottery, have large capital sources and have a strong mentality.

How much does a lot of white-knots eat?

The amount of bets that members can collect after winning the lottery is often different for each region. Specifically, they are calculated as follows:

  • When playing Northern Lottery: If you win, you will win 3 times your bet (1 point for each lot = 23,000 VND)
  • When playing Southern Lottery: If you win, you will win 5 times your bet (1 point for each lot = 16,000 VND)
  • Play Central Lottery: If you win, you will win 5 times your bet (1 point for each lot = 15,000 VND)

When you place a bet, you need to know the exact payout rate as well as how to calculate the bet points. According to research, members often choose to play the white lottery at Northern and Southern stations more.

Overall assessment of playing lotteries to raise white heads

This form of lottery betting is quite popular and attracts many members to participate. Let’s learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this lottery method.

About advantages:

  • Playing the lottery requires less capital because members choose a single number to play. The bet amount per lot point is only from 15,000 – 23,000 VND.
  • The winning rate is higher than other forms. Specifically, in the Northern lottery results every day there will be 27 prizes. The player will have a 1/27 chance of winning. If you farm for many days and have a method, the chance of winning is very high.

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About disadvantages:

For members who have little capital and want to eat immediately, it will be very difficult. This way of playing is only for veteran lottery players with many prediction methods. Players will have to accept the risk that the white lottery number will not come back for many days. At the same time, you must also have a strong mentality and find the right method.

Effective methods of raising octopus lotus

Currently, there are many methods of raising octopus. We have learned and compiled some effective farming methods from lottery experts.

Calculate the probability of breeding Bach Thu according to statistics

During each drawing, the player needs to compile the history of the winning numbers. From there, you will evaluate what numbers may appear in the future.

  • Analyze the frequency of lots: players will calculate the frequency of lots in previous draws. Prioritize large batches of octopus and raise them for 5 days.
  • Playing a lottery that hasn’t appeared in a long time: Based on statistics, members will know that the white lottery has not appeared for a long time. At this time, playing the lottery with a white hand that has not yet returned will have a higher winning rate. You need to be patient and grow the batch for 3-5 days.

Use the method of catching and raising octopus by mute head and mute tail

For white lottery numbers based on the number of heads, players must look up the statistical table of silent lots in previous periods. Then monitor for the next 2 days. If the batch does not come out, raise it for 4 days. According to experts, most of the lottery numbers will arrive in the first 2 days and maximum in the next 4 days.

For white lottery numbers with silent tails, players will look at the results in the previous period to see if there are any silent tails. If the next day a dumb head appears, continue raising it for another 4 days. This method is quite effective in catching lottery numbers.


With the above analysis, we hope that you will understand more about octopus farming as well as how to raise it effectively. When playing lottery, members need to be wise in judging numbers and persevere in pursuing them. Please visit Link New88 to place lottery bets.


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