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Handicap 1 left What is it and what are its characteristics? This is also the question of many beginners when participating in betting at the house. The following article 789BET will help you answer all questions in the most detailed way.

Some general information about handicap 1 left

Handicap, also known as the more popular name, Asian handicap. This is one of the most popular bets at the bookies today. Handicap bets usually appear on the table when any match is played. The house will give the handicap based on the correlation of the playing ability of the two teams.

Some general information about handicap 1 left

The team that is strong and has good squad quality will be the top team. The weaker team will be the bottom team. The team above will give the team below a winning hand. Bettors can use the handicap to calculate the win or loss when the final result is announced. So, Handicap 1 left is a ratio of the handicap. The top team handicaps the bottom team 1 left and after having the result will add 1 left for the bottom team to calculate the winning team.

Outstanding features of the 1-left handicap

The most prominent feature of this bet is that they will appear when the match has not too big a difference in the strength of the two teams. At this odds, there are still only two doors: the away team wins or the home team wins. The player’s odds of winning when participating in this bet are 50/50. The advantage of this bet is that when the two teams tie, you will receive the bet from the house. That is why this is the type of bet that many bettors choose when joining 789BET.

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Outstanding features of the 1-left handicap

Experience in handicapping 1 super top left from a master

Handicap betting is not difficult but also not easy for beginners. Because to be able to win you need to have basic knowledge, skills and tips. If you are still worried about this problem, immediately apply the experiences from the masters below.

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Experience in choosing a team by host-guest

According to experience from many players, you need to apply tips to choose a bet to increase your win rate. Specifically, if the handicap team is the away team, no matter which side has a higher Odds ratio, you should choose the away team. If the handicap team is the home team, then when the odds of the home team are higher, choose the away team and vice versa.

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Experience in handicapping 1 super top left from a master

Catching a standard bet based on the correlation of the two teams’ forces

One of the game tips Handicap 1 left The effect is that you need to rely on the force correlation of the two teams. This is the way many players apply and succeed in many matches. Teams with better performance and high performance in recent matches will give you more chances to win.

Handicap 1 match based on head-to-head history

This is a suggestion for all newbies when playing handicap. Compare the forces and follow the confrontation history of both teams to get the most specific and detailed assessment. The more dominant teams will help you increase your odds of winning when betting. You should also make statistics of away-home to analyze psychological pressures and have the most accurate result data when placing bets.

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Apply the formula when betting on handicap 1 left

Today’s betting players always apply the football formula to have the most effective betting base. You can use the formula to scale points = (A – B) x100. In which A is the average score of home/home team in recent matches. B is the average score of away/away team in the last 5 matches. You should take matches in the same league to have the best comparison when betting.

Choose bets based on the starting lineup

Each team will have a lineup with different strong and weak players. You need to learn about the members of each team to make judgments Handicap 1 left the most exactly. Teams with many strong strikers who have scored many goals in previous matches will have a higher chance of winning than teams with many weak players. Based on this, you can determine the appropriate odds and have the best down payment decision.


The above information has provided the most basic knowledge about Handicap 1 left. Through this, newbies have a better understanding of this betting rate. At the same time, you also have useful experiences distilled from the masters when betting and betting. Join the bookie 789BET today to be able to win attractive bonus rates when betting on football.


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