How Can You Create a High-Quality Virtual Real Estate Tour in 2023?

Real estate is the most famous business all over the world, which is why it is growing fastly. No doubt, as a real estate agent, you always want to increase the conversion rates of your listings. Though you are seeing more growth in your business, competition is very high when it comes to selling apartments for rent in Costa Mesa. It is revealed that almost 20% of sales of homes were increased due to COVID-19, which resulted in an increased profit upto $42.6 million in 2021.

You must be thankful for the latest technologies and innovations in each industry. Due to this, it is very easy for you to arrange virtual tours of real estate in 2023. Now almost 62% of home buyers consider real estate virtual tours helpful. That is why now, many traditional options are outranking the competition.

With virtual tours, buyers feel comfortable about the listing and property. So let’s explore some ways to create virtual tours for real estate listings.

Steps to Create a Virtual Tour for a Real Estate Listing:

1.    Select Your Equipment:

Creating a virtual tour for real estate listings is not so expensive. It means you should not invest in an expensive setup. In comparison, you should invest in a cost-effective fisheye lens adapter. This helps you to create a high resolution with super-quality photos. On the other hand, the most useful and premium quality option is the DSLR camera.

With a camera, you also need to have a tripod that can easily rotate all over the room and Home to capture each and every corner in a smooth way. So make sure to invest in a DSLR with a tripod to get a better experience.

2.    Choose Your Virtual Tour Software:

Once you find the right DSLR with a tripod, it is time to decide the software that you need to have to merge all the photos altogether. You have many software options, so you can choose the right virtual tour software.

3.    Plan Out Your Photos:

Before starting recording of video and taking pictures, make sure to walk around the room to know each and every corner and to know the area where to place the camera. Ideally, it is better to place the camera in the center of the room to record from all sides. While in unsymmetrical rooms, you have to find another location to place your camera.

Though the virtual real estate tour aims to walk around the Home so you must plan your route. Never connect the bedroom directly to the basement because this connection will not make sense. Make sure to shoot all your recordings in a logical order, and don’t skip any of the important spaces. It means shooting your cabinets, bathrooms, attic, and even lighting.

4.    Clean the Home:

Obviously, you want to take a perfect photo for your real estate listing. So ask the homeowner to declutter the Home as possible. Plus, you have to shoot the closets and storage spaces. So it is better to store all the things in closets in the storage house temporarily if there is no alternative place to store such things.

Also, ask the homeowner to properly clean the Home. Scrubbing the windows and trimming and wiping floors, and cleaning fireplaces are necessary. Simply put, cleaning each and every corner of the Home is necessary.

5.    Test Out Your Equipment and Lighting:

Make sure to test all lighting, angles, and equipment before taking photos. Also, ensure the moderate level of the tripod to prevent distorted photos. At the same time, the Home has some naturally distorted floorboards. Then make sure to solve this issue to bring the level in photos.

6.    Capture Photos and Upload Them to the Chosen Software:

Always take many photos in one room and follow the shoot checklist. Once you have captured all photos of the room, it is time to upload such photos on the software.

Though each software has a different user interface with different functionality. So make sure to first know the instructions that you need to follow. Also, before uploading, add music, effects, descriptions, links, and other things in the photos and virtual tour of the Home.

Advantages of a Virtual Real Estate Listing Tour

Now each buyer prefers a virtual real estate listing tour. So let’s explore some other benefits of creating such a virtual tour:

Buyers can safely tour homes:

Now COVID-19 is going down day by day, but still, many buyers don’t want to visit the Home or other properties in crowded areas. So here a virtual real estate tour can help buyers to browse their homes safely.

A virtual Tour can Take Less Time to show the Home:

Physically as an agent, you need to invest more time in showing homes to your buyers. But the virtual tours can help you save your and your buyer’s time. With virtual tours, buyers can easily see the entire Home, and they don’t need to visit the Home personally.

Virtual Tours Increase Home Sales

Virtual tours help to increase low-priced home sales by up to 3% while high-priced homes sales upto 1.8%. While the commission of an agent always remains the same in all these scenarios. This way, clients feel more satisfied and build a strong relationship.


Now you got an idea about the ways to create virtual real estate listings. However, this process is not so difficult and requires less work. So you can get the best results for your virtual tour using a virtual machine. Plus, this tour helps sellers to earn more and helps agents to show homes and other properties to buyers in less time. So don’t waste your time and stand out from the competition in real estate with this amazing tour.


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